Fashion trends that will triumph this summer 2017

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Fashion trends that will triumph this summer 2017

In Luz de Ibiza we want to show you several fashion trends that you can´t miss this summer 2017 season if you want to be be in style. .

Dress shirt

Shirts will be more important than ever and will be worn in every possible way. Our favorite for spring: shaped white dress-shirt.


Garments in all kinds of earth tones, from camel to military green will be everywhere. Wear saharianas looks, military garments, camouflage print or the typical trousers and you will be in style.


If there is a color that stands out above the others this season it is pink. A color that makes us happy and puts us in a great mood.

Retro flowers

The wallpaper of the seventies becomes more floral than ever, wear your flowers with pride.

Transparent skirts

Technically it is not a skirt or shorts. The fact is that you show off your legs just like if you were wearing a shorts. These transparencies are perfect for gala nights.

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Any favorites? Don´t think about it too much, just wear what makes you feel good this summer and always remember to add a bit of sequin to spice up those summer looks.

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