Colors to keep you cool this summer

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Colors to keep you cool this summer

Do you think that light colors are the ones that allow us to stay cooler in the summer? Do you always choose your summer wardrobe in clear and colorful shades? Well in Luz de Ibiza we have been investigating and apparently we are wrong!

From childhood, we have been told that white reflects light and that black absorbs it, but in these matters the thing is not so simple. The inhabitants of many warm countries wear dark clothes. And this is for a very simple reason. When the heat of the outside air exceeds the body temperature (37º), black clothing allows for a better refrigeration.

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In this case, our body also emits radiation (we sweat like chickens) and it is best to have clothes that will allow us to eliminate it. A garment, the better it absorbs solar radiation, the more infrared radiation it ejects.

If we calculate what black absorbs and subtract what it emits at these temperatures, and we compare it with what the color white absorbs and emits, we see that the difference is greater in black clothing. Therefore, black will allow us to remove more heat.

So girls, leave your prejudices aside and welcome black looks this summer in your closets. Shirts, dresses, jumpsuits and even black shorts will keep with cool and stylish. Add sequins to the mix and you will have an awesome summer cool look.

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