How to wear a white dress with style this summer

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How to wear a white dress with style this summer

With the arrival of summer we just can’t wait to take out all our light colored clothing so we can show off our newly acquired tan! But hold on before going crazy let´s take a look at a couple of tips so you can look your best this summer.

Choose a shade of white that matches your skin tone. Not everyone can use a pure white radiant shade, but fortunately there is a white shade for each skin type. For example, for cool skin tones the classic white works best (because it also has cool touches of color). For tan skin types, go with crude white tones. Ivory skin tones are more versatile and work well in pure white and raw white colors, etc.

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Choose an opaque white dress and thick fabric. White fabrics have the disadvantage of being transparent most of the times therefore you should chooses a high quality fabric. Some dresses even have linings which will help cover you up. To find a thicker fabric, look for mixtures of cotton, linen and some other synthetic fabrics.

Finally, avoid the typical tight white dress. White is not a flattering color when it adheres to your curves. Choose a white dress that has a nice fall.

White as always evokes summer, it makes you feel free, choose wisely and enjoy you white Ibiza Summer in a relaxed, comfortable look that will invite you to forget about the rest of the year..

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