Do you dare with an all white look?

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Do you dare with an all white look?

Monoblocking is the opposite of ‘color-block’: wearing all the garments in a single tone, in the purest Queen of the Snow style.

White is undoubtedly the great protagonist every summer in many stylish wardrobes. This fresh and casual touch helps to combine any look with success, especially in the summer and even more in cities like Ibiza, where white is seen everywhere.

But beyond having this color (or lack of color) among the favorites in our looks, what is undeniable is that more and more we see complete outfits that bet on white because it simply works with all looks and it is almost exclusive not only to summer but for all seasons.

Luz De Ibiza White-Sequin-Shift-Dress-235x300 Do you dare with an all white look? Summer Collection  white look white summer collection

White is as indispensable as black in your closet. It is one of those classics that gets us out of trouble and can combine with everything, however, this color is more demanding when it comes to creating a total look.

It is true that white highlights your figure extremely so make sure you choose pieces that are not too form fitting and that are not very sheer to prevent showing off more that you want.

How about you, is an all total white look for you?

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