Are you ready to wear sequins? Dos and Dont´s for this season

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Are you ready to wear sequins? Dos and Dont´s for this season

Spring is here, finally! We leave the winter behind and slowy we begin to shed those awful winter layers that don´t allow us to fully show off our inner fashion.

So, then are you ready for Spring? Ready for Spring with Sequins? Of Course you are but before you go all crazy and enthusiastic we want to just give you some little sequin pointers to make sure you don´t need to go back in winter hiding mode.


DONT– Be too creative, nowadays anything goes and your intuition is usually right but sometimes our imagination can get the best of us. Mixing and matching is good to a certain point but when it goes overboard we end up with the clash of everything but style.

DO- don´t be afraid to be sexy! Although wearing sequins can make you stand out many are afraid to go short..Just do it!

Luz De Ibiza Gold-Sequin-Fringe-Mini-Skirt-1-235x300 Are you ready to wear sequins? Dos and Dont´s for this season Spring Collection  spring fashion spring 2017 looks fashion dos and dont´s

DON´T-  be caught dead wearing any of these no nos outdated trends this Spring: ruffles, high neck tops, off the shoulder tops, slip dress..

DO- Find pastel colors and incorporate them in your look. Yellow, light Rose, Salmon, Creme and of course pastel green are your ticket to a smooth Spring look.

DON´T- Buy anything imitation specially if you are talking about sequins your look can turn from Glam to Slam is no time at all…

DO- Please look in the mirror and honestly judge your look if you are unsure, call a friend (a good friend that will tell you where its at!).

So there you have it, some very simple basic rules for wearing you sequins this Spring. We hope you enjoy the great weather and show off your new sequin looks for Spring 2017 with us.

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